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Tango Dance Shoes and Tango Dance Costumes For Men and Women

Well, if you’re a regular performer who dances in competitions, you’ll probably need more than just one great tango dance costume or dress, so it’s a good thing that we have a ton of choices! Our tango dance costumes come in a range of skirts, tops, and full dresses so whatever you need to wear to get you to that perfect tango, we’re sure to have it.

The tango is known to be one of the saddest and most dramatic of all the Latin dances. So when you’re about to take to the stage with it, you’ll need a tango dance dress to fit the part. We have elegant and sophisticated tango dance costumes such as our Fringed Latin Dress with Asymmetrical Hemline; but we also have very fun and flirty tango dresses that can make you look and feel sexy just like the tango! Our Black Latin Dress with Fringed Skirt is one such example. We also have all the crystals, beads, and fringes that you’ll need to give your tango dance dress that little extra flair, and another element of drama!

But we also know that no tango dress is complete without the proper tango dance shoes.

Tango dance shoes are unique to other dance shoes. They absolutely must be beautiful, they need to be comfortable, and they also have to be very flexible and help maintain your balance. Our tango dance shoes are all of these! With their super lightweight construction that will really make you feel as light as a feather as you glide across the dance floor, these shoes also bend in all the right places – so you can too! Of course, they’re all beautiful and stunning too so you’ll have your choice of styles. Make sure that you check them all out while you’re here, you’re bound to find the perfect tango dance shoes to go with one of our perfect tango dance dresses.

The tango is one of the most sensual and dramatic of all the ballroom and Latin dances, and that’s why your dress needs to reflect as such. We always keep a huge selection of tango dance dresses, and they’ll be delivered right to your door. Because when you’re in a tango state of mind, you shouldn’t have to run around trying to find the right dress.

Does it take two to tango? We guess it does – us, and you!

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