Latin Dance Costumes to Match Your Style
Latin Dance Costumes to Match Your Style

Latin Dance Costumes to Match Your Style

When you are shopping for latin dance costumes for sale, make sure to check out the length and style of the gown to make sure that it is appropriate for the dance that you will be performing. Keep in mind that you no matter what style of dress or gown that you choose, you should have some freedom of movement while wearing it, even if the dance is slower or more deliberate.


Salsa dance dresses are great for faster, more movement oriented dances. The salsa is a sexy latin dance with both simple and intricate footwork. Generally, salsa dancewear is short and lively. These dance costumes can be very exciting, cheerful, and bright, or darker and seductive. If salsa is your style, then choosing a great dress with some flair is the way to go.


Tango dance dresses are often longer than those of faster paced latin dances. The tango is a deliberate, seductive dance that captures the attention of all who watch. Ballroom latin dresses for sale often feature the shorter gowns with lots of flair, but a tango dress can be more subdued, longer but slit for ease of movement. The tango is slower than many of the other latin dances, so it doesn’t require total freedom from a long skirt like they do.

Dancing Shoes

Ladies latin dance shoes are very often made to look strappy and light to fit with the sexy nature of many of the dances. However, it’s important when choosing dance shoes that you match the shoe to the style of the dance. Salsa dance shoes can be fun and flirty, but as with any dance shoe, it needs to be sturdy enough to support your feet and ankles while you dance. Tango dance shoes can often be either open toed or closed, but should definitely fit in seamlessly with the style of your costume.

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