Our premier collection of Ladies Practice Wear Ballroom Skirts from AIDA Dancewear and DanceWear Works, Ballroom Dance Dresses, and Ladies Latin Practice Wear including ballroom skirts, pants, ballroom dance dresses and tops~beautiful enough to be worn for more than just practice!

All styles of Aida and DanceWear Works Dance Practice Wear ballroom dresses for sale are available in S, M, L, and XL and many color selections.

Please refer to the size chart on the "Dancewear Sizing" page before ordering from our ballroom skirts and dresses for sale.




Ladies Ballroom & Latin Practice Wear

Ladies Ballroom & Latin Practice Wear

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Ballroom Practice Wear | Ballroom Dancewear
Ladies Practice Wear - AIDA Dancewear | DanceWear Works

Ladies Practice Wear - AIDA Dancewear | DanceWear Works

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7 Panel Ballroom Skirt (SKU: PAT0196)7 Panel Ballroom Skirt (SKU: PAT0196)
Ballroom Dance Top with Shoulder Cutout (SKU: AidaP30a)Ballroom Dance Top with Shoulder Cutout (SKU: AidaP30a)
Ballroom Latin Fringed Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP28b)Ballroom Latin Fringed Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP28b)
Ballroom Latin Fringed Skirt (SKU: AidaP03b)Ballroom Latin Fringed Skirt (SKU: AidaP03b)
Basic Latin Ballroom Skirt (SKU: AidaP04b)Basic Latin Ballroom Skirt (SKU: AidaP04b)
Beaded Dance Top (SKU: PAT0177)Beaded Dance Top (SKU: PAT0177)
Bell Sleeve Ballroom Dance Top (SKU: AidaP04a)Bell Sleeve Ballroom Dance Top (SKU: AidaP04a)
Black Ballroom Dance Skirt (SKU: AidaP26B)Black Ballroom Dance Skirt (SKU: AidaP26B)
Black Dance Top with Draped Sleeves (SKU: AidaP26A)Black Dance Top with Draped Sleeves (SKU: AidaP26A)
Black Latin Practice Skirt (SKU: SL102)Black Latin Practice Skirt (SKU: SL102)
Black Ruffled Layered Latin Dance Skirt (SKU: PAT0193)Black Ruffled Layered Latin Dance Skirt (SKU: PAT0193)
Chiffon Ballroom Practice Skirt (SKU: SB201)Chiffon Ballroom Practice Skirt (SKU: SB201)
Flared Latin Skirt with Godets (SKU: SL100)Flared Latin Skirt with Godets (SKU: SL100)
Flutter Sleeve Ballroom Dance Top (SKU: AidaP32a)Flutter Sleeve Ballroom Dance Top (SKU: AidaP32a)
Fringed Latin Dance Top (SKU: AidaP03a)Fringed Latin Dance Top (SKU: AidaP03a)
Handkerchief Hem Latin Dance Skirt (SKU: AidaP32b)Handkerchief Hem Latin Dance Skirt (SKU: AidaP32b)
Ladies Ballroom Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP07b)Ladies Ballroom Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP07b)
Ladies Ballroom Dance Top (SKU: AidaP07a)Ladies Ballroom Dance Top (SKU: AidaP07a)
Ladies Black Ballroom  Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP08b)Ladies Black Ballroom Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP08b)
Ladies Black Lace Ballroom Practice Top (SKU: AidaP25A)Ladies Black Lace Ballroom Practice Top (SKU: AidaP25A)
Ladies Double Ruffle Tulip Skirt (SKU: PAT0169)Ladies Double Ruffle Tulip Skirt (SKU: PAT0169)
Ladies Long Ballroom Skirt (SKU: AidaP15b)Ladies Long Ballroom Skirt (SKU: AidaP15b)
Ladies V-Neck Latin Practice Top (SKU: AidaP10a)Ladies V-Neck Latin Practice Top (SKU: AidaP10a)
Long Ballroom Dancing Skirt (SKU: PAT0020)Long Ballroom Dancing Skirt (SKU: PAT0020)
Long Ballroom Dancing Skirt with Split (SKU: PAT0021)Long Ballroom Dancing Skirt with Split (SKU: PAT0021)
Mock Wrap Latin Dance Skirt (SKU: SL101)Mock Wrap Latin Dance Skirt (SKU: SL101)
Ruffled Ballroom Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP35b)Ruffled Ballroom Dance Pants (SKU: AidaP35b)
Short Asymmetrical Dance Skirt (SKU: PAT0198)Short Asymmetrical Dance Skirt (SKU: PAT0198)

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