My Experience Meeting Clients as an Escort in London

The first time I developed the thought of becoming an escort I felt scared. This was a whole new world of business – the type of work that people in the society viewed as wrong. Being an escort entails a lot and you need to develop a thick skin by refusing to feel awful or down about what other people say about your work.

Of course, no one is going to like you – except for your clients. The escort industry is just like any other industry where you have to handle clients in a specific way, every industry has that. During my years as an escort in London, I’ve learnt a lot and come to realize that it takes time and effort before you start reaping the good fruits in this industry.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, being an escort is amazing – but perseverance is inevitable. You need to be patient and persevere before you get the hang of everything and starting commanding good rates for your service and time.

My First Experience with a Client

When I became a call girl, my first experience wasn’t as splendid as most girls would think. Escorts sometimes go through a lot of challenges – especially if you are just new in the business. Being a hot girl and new in the industry is not only scary but also quite risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful to avoid ending up in bad situations. It was as if I started off as a teen, due to the size of my body at the time. However, because of the research that I had conducted and confidence, I was able to maneuver the industry, make friends with people like Marylebone, and get to where I am today – a successful escort.

My first client I would say wasn’t as respectful as I had imagined. I got into the business and immediately started marketing my services. One client reached out to me and inquired if we could meet. I gladly agreed and we went ahead to set up the meeting.

The meeting was supposed to happen at a hotel nearby and I took the liberty of arriving earlier. The client showed up, but sadly my looks, as he said, didn’t appeal to him. Although we went ahead and did as planned, the guy treated me awful.

He kept on talking rudely and mentioning how he had wasted his time to come to me. Fortunately, after our agreed time he managed to pay and we parted ways. However, even though I went through that experience, it did not deter me from pursuing the escort business the next days, weeks, months, and years.

I kept at it and now I can say that I am a successful escort, with model type of body. I have clients globally who request my service whenever they need me.

One thing I would advice escorts that are coming up is to consider joining an agency first to be on the safe side. Since times have changed, it is essential to be careful and set yourself up in an agency not only for safety purposes, but also so that you can learn and gain experience about the business.