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Salsa dancing has never been more popular. All over the United States, deep in the heart of its cities, flourish salsa dance clubs. The dance is not only popular with those who share its Cuban/Caribbean heritage. Since the introduction of Salsa into New York in the 1950s, this expressive dance has been winning fans of all races and nationalities seeking fun, fitness, and romance.

Salsa has its roots in Latin dances, but has drawn from other musical styles such as jazz, to the point that it became its own distinct music and dance form. The name salsa comes from the Spanish word that means ‘sauce.’ Anyone who has seen a salsa dance will have no problem understanding why!

Latin dance clothes are usually the clothing of choice for salsa dancers, who appreciate the clothing’s perfect, breathable fit. The designs of Latin dance clothes and shoes are fitting to the style of salsa, both in how the clothes are created to feel and function, and how they are created to look.

Because of salsa’s increase in popularity, many dancewear manufacturers are creating salsa dance dresses and costumes that are particularly suited to its unique style.

Although many salsa group performances and informal events at clubs are danced in street clothes, there is something especially exciting about donning an outfit that screams ‘salsa.’

Salsa dance dresses are made to be bold, flirty, eye-catching, and glamorous, but also comfortable. Because many salsa dance moves involve quick legwork, salsa dance dresses should allow freedom of movement.

Latin dance clothes suit salsa well because they fit close to the body and don’t leave the dancer worried about their outfit slipping while they are so intensely focused on dancing.

Salsa is ‘saucy’, or expressive, and so are the clothes that are worn while performing the dance. Favorite costume accessories for salsa are shimmering beads and sequins, with accents often built into the fabric.

Men’s formal wear for salsa is not as showy, but still fitting to salsa. A man’s costume always compliments his partner’s more showy salsa dress or costume.

Salsa is a modern Latin dance style that is only gaining momentum both as a formal dance style and as a street and dance club phenomenon, showcased on popular movies and television shows.

There is no end in sight to salsa fever, so why not try it out for fun, fitness, or who knows….maybe for love.

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