Choosing Amazing Ballroom Dancing Costumes
Choosing Amazing Ballroom Dancing Costumes

Choosing Amazing Ballroom Dancing Costumes

If you’re looking for dance costumes for competition, there are a few things to think about before making your decision. Ballroom dance dresses come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and while some are perfect for one performance, they may not work so well for another. To choose the dance costume that is perfect for you, you should match the dress to not only the dance itself, but also to the music that you’ll be dancing to. The third element to choosing stunning dancewear is customization and fit.

Consider the Dance

Before choosing your outfit, it’s vital that you take into consideration the style of dance that you are performing. Latin dance costumes wouldn’t be appropriate for a waltz, just as a long or restrictive gown wouldn’t be appropriate for a salsa. Match the style of the costumes to the movement required.

Shorter latin dresses allow you to move more freely in a movement oriented dance. Longer gowns are great for slower, more deliberate dances like the tango.

Consider the Music

The next consideration when looking for ballroom dance dresses for sale is the music. You will want to match your outfit to the music itself. Music very often evokes powerful emotional responses, and choosing dancewear that matches that emotional response can really take your whole look up a notch. If the music is fast, cheery, or exciting, then dance competition costumes that are also cheerful or exciting would make a good match. For music that is yearning, dark, or sad, think of rich, darker colors that will evoke the same emotions as the music.


The final element to creating dance costumes is the fit and customization. Everybody is different and your costume should fit you perfectly in every way. It should move well with you and it shouldn’t be too restrictive.

When looking for ballroom dresses for sale, make sure that they will be able to custom fit the gown to your measurements. If the gown is meant to hit the ankle, knee, or mid-thigh, that is where it should hit on you. When dancing in competition you don’t want things like loose straps to distract you or a too-tight bodice cutting off your air flow.

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