Latin Dance Clothes - an Integral Part of Latin Dance
Latin Dance Clothes - an Integral Part of Latin Dance

Latin Dance Clothes - an Integral Part of Latin Dance

Ballroon and Latin Dance Costumes For You And Your Dancing Partner

A big part of the ballroom dance scene, Latin dance is a fast-paced, often sensual dance for couples. Competitive ballroom dancing includes the International style and the American styles.  Special Latin dance clothes are worn for competition, and usually have the following characteristics:

  • Bright colors. Ballroom Latin dresses for sale are often found in vibrant colors, such as  reds, blues and pinks and are usually shorter than the gowns worn for the Ballroom dances like Waltz, Fox Trot, and Tango.
  • Short, flowing skirts. Most Latin dance costumes for sale meant for women are of a short length and move easily with the music.
  • Sequins and Rhinestones. Sparkly is the way to go when it comes to Latin dance clothes. Rhinestones, Sequins, and other embellishments ensure eyes stay on the dancers at all times.
  • Tight-fitting pants. Tight pants for men’s Latin dance costumes for sale help emphasize the movements of the legs and body.
  • Low-cut tops. Many of the men’s Latin dance costumes for sale feature low-cut necks in order to show off the chest. Ballroom Latin dresses for sale may also be low-cut.

Latin dance clothes are designed to hug the body and show off every move. Latin dance costumes for sale are usually rather sexy, because Latin dancing in and of itself is a sensual experience. Some of the most popular Latin dances are:

  • Rumba. The Rumba is a slower Latin dance and began as a social dance in Cuba. Short and flowing ballroom Latin dresses for sale look great for the Rumba because of all the hip-swaying involved.
  • Samba. Originating in Brazil, the Samba is very fast-paced and can be rather difficult to learn. The Samba consists of many turns and jumps, so Latin dance clothes for this should be easy to move in.
  • Mambo. The Mambo is a dance with complicated steps originating in Cuba in the 1940s. It goes along with Mambo music from the 1930s which was highly influenced by Jazz.
  • Cha-Cha.  Cha-Cha is an energetic Latin dance which originated in Cuba.  The modern version is now one of the ballroom-Latin dances practiced both socially and in ballroom competitions all over the world.

No matter which types of Latin dancing you’re planning on doing, you’ll need Latin dance clothes. Ballroom Latin dresses for sale show off the curves of the female body and emphasize the quick-paced moves of the Latin dances.

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