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Ballroom Dance Costumes.

Ballroom Dresses for Sale, Men and Women.


Let’s face it. When you first see a ballroom dance performance, it’s not the footwork or the lines that draw us to it – it’s the costumes! Ballroom dance costumes are full of beauty, drama, and excitement, and they really do set the stage for the rest of the dance. Here at Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear, we realize this and so, we have ballroom dresses for sale that will not only set the tone for your next dance, but are very comfortable, and they come at great prices too!

Our men and women ballroom dance costumes come in a huge selection of different styles. Our women’s selection of ballroom dance costumes includes both long dresses for classic and slower ballroom dances such as the fox trot or the waltz; as well as shorter ballroom dance costumes for Latin dances and ballroom dances that are a bit livelier, such as the jive or the Cha Cha. But it’s not only ballroom dresses for sale that you’ll find in our huge selection of women’s ballroom dance costumes. Here we also have many short skirts with beading, fringes, and other decorative accessories, that can be paired with a matching top for an especially sexy and fun look!

But we haven’t forgotten about the men in the dance either, and that’s why we also carry a huge selection of men’s ballroom dance costumes. Traditional suits and tuxedos are what men typically wear as a ballroom dance costume. We have both long-tailed and short-waist jackets that are available as a whole suit, or you can just buy individual pieces as you need them – we also sell pants, shirts, and vests separately too.

We know that ballroom dance costumes are a huge part of every ballroom dance performance. And that’s why we deliver men and women ballroom dance costumes that will keep you looking great at great prices, and that are comfortable too. And, because we want you to be as comfortable as possible in your ballroom dance costume, we’ve also provided a sizing chart that will make sure that when your costume arrives, it will fit you perfectly and be as ready for the dance floor as you are!


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