Discount Men and Women Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes

Discount Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes


There’s little that’s more exciting than ballroom dancing! The music, the costumes, the different dances – it’s all so romantic and so much fun! But, if you come out of competitions or ballroom dance class with sore feet, then it’s also easy to forget about all the fun and wonder how you’re ever going to ease your aching feet. Yes, ballroom dance costumes are beautiful – but those stunning heels and leather shoes that are worn can be murder when you’re trying to be light on your toes. A good pair of ballroom dance shoes though, can go a long way.

We are Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear, and we are a ballroom dance shoes store that has all the ballroom and Latin dance shoes that you'll need for your next class or your next competition.

Talk about style, we have them all! So whether you’re looking for an open-toed shoe, closed-toe shoe, or competitive ballroom dance shoes, we’ll have what you’re looking for.

But, we’re so much more than just style too!

Our competitive ballroom dance shoes have features that will make it easier for you to glide around the dance floor, and will have you feeling as good as you look. Here you’ll find shoes such as our Ladies Pointed Toe with Strap model, which have extra memory padding so that the shoe will remember the shape of your foot, and special deodorants that will keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh, even through the longest of competitions. All of our ballroom and Latin dance shoes are also constructed of fine materials that are much more resistant to stains and water than traditional ballroom dancing shoes, and they’re much easier to clean too. Because you need your shoes to look as good as you do!

We are Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear, and we’re the online ballroom dance shoes store that will bring you everything you need, all in one place. Whether you need ballroom dance shoes, Latin shoes, or even ballroom practice shoes, we have them all in a one-stop shop. And, because we want you to be happy with your ballroom dance shoes from Tango Rouge Ballroom Dancewear for a long time, make sure you check out our Shoe Sizing Guide. Many people don’t realize that they may be a different size in open-toed or closed-toed shoes and then when they arrive, the customer ends up being disappointed. Of course, we’re always happy to return or exchange non-marked, unworn shoes, but we also want you to be happy with your first order!

Make sure you check out our full selection of ballroom and Latin dance shoes and dance costumes while you’re here. With so much variety to choose from, and such helpful guides along the way, you really can make sure that you’ll always be properly prepared when it’s time to strap on your ballroom dancing shoes!

Enjoy our low prices and great selection, and the convenience of finding everything 
you need all in one place. Our ballroom dancewear is a unique collection of quality ready-made
and custom ballroom apparel and ballroom dance costumes you will love.
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